Monday, December 3, 2007

OMG!!!! It's Crazy Aunt Purl!!!!

Yesterday was a BLAST!!!! Darcy (go to her blog to check out some pictures of yesterday!) and I met up and drove "down below" to go see Crazy Aunt Purl, Laurie Perry. She was reading and signing her book - Divorced, Drunk and Covered in Cat Hair!!!

The ride down with Darcy was crazy!! I don't think we took a breath - we just clicked and that made the drive just fly by - we got to Santa Monica BEFORE the store even opened (open open open!!) Bonnie one of the store owners kindly took pity on us and let us in to "smell and fondle" the yarn! And it was so yummy!!

I can't believe that is really me sitting with Laurie! (What I really can't believe is that I am flashing God and Country!!!! Holy Cow!!!) She is really nice and open. I had such a great time meeting her!!
Darcy and I had front row seats and I spent way too much money on yarn!!!!!! Darcy was kind enough to give me my PIF package in person!! (Pictures are coming!!) And let me just say she is too kind and the kids, Honey and I had were really spoilt by her!! (Darcy, lllooovvveedd the tea!! Had some in my new mug this morning!!!!)

This is Ellen Bloom of Los Angeles is My Beat!!! I cannot believe the day I had!!! I love her blog! And she had some crazy beautiful shoes on ( Dang - didn't get a picture of them!!) but believe me they were crazy cool!!! Plus, she is a really nice - kinda want to drive to West Hollywood to go to her SnB, but she'd probably think I was stalking!! Maybe only a little. Hee hee!!
I stayed up and read her book cover to cover.
Loved it!


  1. We had such fun Iam hoping I win the visit with Laurie so you and I can hang out with her:)Darcy

  2. Thanks for posting the pix! They're great!


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