Friday, November 2, 2007

NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month

I am going to attempt to do this: (Still don't know how to link without using the actual link - any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!) A whole month of posting - every day!!!

Gosh I hope life picks up and I have something to say!!! I wrote yesterday so, luckily for me I am on day two, with two posts!!!! Yea me!!!

Let's start with this:

I am not coaching, advising, or being den mom to the SongGirls of Pete Knight High School any longer. I am very sad about the whole thing, cause I loved working these girls. But things change and I must move on!!! So then moving on: I am going to the high school today to maybe (everyone cross your fingers) get to still work with the band but in a different capacity. Working as an administrative assistant to the band director!!

I will let ya'll know how everything turned out...tomorrow!! Day three!!!!


  1. I'm going to try to help you with your link problem. Please don't get your hopes up, as I'm good with 'doing' but not so much with the 'teaching'.

    When your writing a post, you have toolbar at the top of the box you're typing in. There are several tools, but somewhere in the middle, you'll see what looks like a link of chain.

    What you do is highlight the word(s) you want the link attached to, leave it highlighted and then click on that link tool. A box will open and you enter the URL and then click on 'Attach' or whatever it says.

    That should do it. I hope that was even halfway clear. If it wasn't, feel free to call me names.

    Also, I am keeping my fingers for you. While I am typing this entire comment. There is lots of backspacing going on as a result.

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