Monday, November 12, 2007

Lazy, kick back day!!!

Today was for watching movies and eating popcorn with the family. We watched: Knocked Up, License To Wed, and Spiderman III. Spiderman was freakin' long!!!!! But I really enjoyed the movie. Knocked Up was hilarous!!!! License to Wed was, in my opinion not that great. It felt like the director really put a leash on Robin Williams. Too bad, because instead of being funny and insightful, Mr. Williams came off as mean and bland. And Mandy Moores hair really bothered me the whole movie. I'm thinking that if the stars HAIR is what sticks out then the movie is in some serious trouble. Saturday night I screened, I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Kevin James was hysterical and Adam Sandler was just ok. I'd heard the movie wasn't that great and kinda played to sterotypes, but I laughed and thought it was EXACTLY what it was supposed to be, a comedy. I laughed, so I guess it worked.

Tomorrow the kids are back in school, THANK GOODNESS!!! Because stuff like the note below happens when the kids have too much time on their hands!!!! (With six kids in the house we had a rotating shower and chore schedule, but it failed miserably. All that remains now is the "chore board". I suppose it will come down soon once painting in that part of the house resumes!!!!!)

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