Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A FO, Max, and Yarn to be.....

Ok, so I have finally finished this sweater for my nephew. The pattern is from Creative Knitting magazine. November 2007 issue. I used Caron Simply Shadows. It was relatively simple to knit and was my first sweater. I still need to find the perfect buttons. Jake loves ALL kinds of sports, so maybe something with a sports theme.

This container is seven months worth of fur from Max and Baby. I know it doesn't seem like a lot for huskies and it isn't but we haven't had a "coat blow" yet. I understand that when these dogs blow their coats it gets ugly. Maybe since I have the furmanitor it won't really be bad and ugly. Fingers crossed.It is really compacted and stuffed in there. Hopefully, the spring coat blow will allow me to send this fur out to be spun into yarn. I hope to have four of these filled by the time I send it out. Go here for info on dog hair yarn.

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